Thursday June 12th 2003

       Part of having a successful show is how you promote it. And the Dixie Chicks With Dicks decided to head over to the Clearview Cinema on West 23rd Street between 7th and 8th Avenues and dazzle the crowds with their simple song stylings before the showing of Showgirls. Honestly I did not think we were going to make it because while Yolanda was shaving she cut her lip and was bleeding like a leaky faucet. Luckily Porsche tended to her battle wound with a cotton ball and some rubbing alcohol and in the knick of time Yolanda was able to slap some blackberrylipstick on and were able to head out the door.

    200 people were in attendance of the “classic” film Showgirls from the early 90’s. Just goes to show you that people love trash and that’s why the Dixie Chicks With Dicks fit in perfectly on              

this night. Not only were we in attendance but also some cute boys and one girl in padded underwear were running around the theater promoting the new film, Garmento, by Michele Maher. The film is a parody of the designer underwear business and they were handing out underpants with padded baskets to the eager crowd. Padded underpants are perfect for the summer season I might add and even I, Hedda, grabbed a pair.

     Garmento is running at least till June 20th @ Village East cinemas. Call 212.529.6799 or visit www.garmentomovie.com for more information. Than before the movie began the Dixie Chicks With Dicks took to the stage and sang our classic number, “Don’t Sing Along To This Drag Queens Song”. Which, by the way, the album by the same name has just gone Pewter! Thank-you goddess Dolly

. On the way out of the Theater I happened to run into Kevin Aviance, which I took as a good omen. I mean he is an international star and we are just budding show biz gals. Maybe some of his showbiz glitter will rub off on us and we will achieve our musical dreams.Well, I have to go now and get my hair done and fry me up some squirrel fritters. See you soon. Xoxoxoxooxox Hedda.