June 2003 - Flyer Magazine

"Whips. Rape. Child molestation.  No, it's not headline news; it's a brainstorming session to come up with a hot new ad campaign for Poncho Ramirez Jeans.  Garmento, a satirical look at the New York fashion industry, is full of over-the-top antics performed by the garment district's melting pot of greedy gaudy Jews, snooty Italian fashionistas, slutty, cleavage-bearing assistants, and anus obsessed gay guys. Coupled with a storyline that treats designer denim knock-offs with the same sense of drama that cinema usually reserves for bloody murder, the film will send you running and screaming away from the demonic bargain bin.  And all this intrigue just because Grindy Malone's (Katie MacNichol) mommy wouldn'y buy her a pair of Poncho Jeans back in the 1970's when all the other little girls had them.  Now, almost twenty years later, she's actually turning thinks upside down on Fashion Avenue. Yes, it's that ridulous. But writer/director Michele Maher was once an industry insider, and we all know Steve Madden's stock fraud did make the headlines. " - Kate Bernstein