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Franca with her sidekick Rimi scrutinize over the mannequins dressed in the disgusting padded cup. Poncho defends  his padded cup design when he finds out nobody is buying them. Poncho with Franca refuses to believe that his reputation as the "dictator of fashion" is threatened.
Caesar models for Poncho when Franca and Ronnie interrupt. Backstage at his fashion show, Poncho pouts in a corner as Ronnie watches over him. Poncho basks in adoration on the fashion runway at the launch of his new jeans line, PR Jeans.
Ira & Louie front row at the PR Jeans fashion show.

Grindy and her boss Ronnie steal an intimate moment to celebrate the impending IPO.

Filmmaker Michele Maher shares the red carpet with Tom Cruise.
Poncho's latest design, the "Padded Cup." Padded cup models use their packages to woo a woman in NYC Times Square. Poncho's models pose with filmmaker Michele Maher and PR mogul Stephen Schulman at the Pride Parade.














































































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