Poncho Ramirez was born in 1972. He denies the origin of his birthplace but has been rumored a Bronx baby born to Puerto Rican, Mexican or possibly Cuban immigrants. No one knows where Poncho is really from, but he considers himself an American and he is regarded as one of the top American designers of the twentieth century. Discovered by Ronnie Grossman, Poncho teamed up with Grossman and hit the scene at the ripe age of 25, designing his signature jeans line with the famous slogan, "Peel off my Ponchos." After a long string of successes, shaping the look of American culture with his flamboyant fashion trends and provocative ad campaigns, Poncho had lost his flare by the mid nineties. On the brink of financial ruin from a string of fashion flops, including crotch enhancing underwear for men, Poncho was desperate for a hit. Alas, PR JEANS was born. The rebirth of a legendary designer and jeans line pulled Poncho's name out of the gutter.