November 16, 2001- San Francisco Chronicle

"Up to our faxes in ad envy across the city"

"Stickers, big ones, saying "Puh-leeze" have been pasted across the famous bulge in those Calvin Klein underwear ads on billboards all over town.

That's our campy sense of humor for you. If the stickers just said "Please, " you'd know they were the work of the puritanical Caliban - Californians who would ban everything, including packages of the cigarette variety.

Incidentally, a San Francisco company has launched its own battle of the bulge. Joe Boxer, owned by Nick Graham (who bought the English title "Lord of the Balls"), has produced underprops for a movie called "Garmento."

It's about a company that introduces padded underwear for men, causing financial disaster.

Puh-leeze, don't ask me why. - Rob Morse"