July/August, 2003 Sportswear International


Lights, Camera… Garments! 

"The new film Garmento gives the fashion world a celluloid spanking. Written and directed by former Calvin Klein employee Michele Maher, the comedy (its name is the NY slang term for a stereotypical gruff, middle-aged fashion sales rep) satirizes the life, look and lingo of the industry. The characters and plot were exaggerated for laughs but the sets were no knockoffs: underwear giant Joe Boxer’s Manhattan offices were used for many scenes. The movie hit New York theaters in June, and international distribution may follow. Maher’s also written a TV pilot based on the story and is currently pitching the series to channels such as HBO. "There are some real characters in this business," she says about fashion. "The movie is totally poking fun of the industry." (Christopher Blomquist)"